Culture & Community

India Street is like no other. A Place where many of our forefathers first made their homes, where the historical buildings have been lovingly conserved, where century old beliefs are still practiced.

The charm of India Street has not changed over the years. Small businesses still occupy their original premises and shops still spill over into the five-foot ways. In fact for most people in India Street, this area is seen as a vital link to their heritage.

The variety of goods on offer at India Street is simply enormous. It is an excellent place to buy textiles, native handicrafts, jewellery and many more. Enter the Mall, you will discover an array of silks and textiles, ready-made fashion wear, shinning brassware, jewellery and accessories for traditional garments and ready-made fashion wear.

India Street is also a haven for traditional Indian / muslim cuisine. The aroma of spices is bound to whet the appetite of hungry shoppers as they stroll through the street. A wide range of cuisine such as 'roti chanai', 'tea-tarik', 'nasi biryani' (a rich rice dish served with chicken or mutton) are available for selection. In addition, the traditional 'kopi tiam' run in the traditional Chinese manner can also be found at the nearby Kai Joo Lane. It is a truly exotic and traditional way to end a hearty meal at the Mall.

With endless quality shopping and culture treasure, with its multi-cultural society, India Street is where the world comes together for pure enjoyment and shopping paradise.